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Therapy that Begins with You

Helping you live the life you want to lead.

Meet Dr. Matthew Young

Welcome to the first step in your journey of wellness. With Dr. Young, you can expect specialized care for you as an individual. After all, you are the expert in your life and therapy should be specially crafted to meet your specific needs.


It is of the utmost importance that your care accommodates your strengths, preferences, and style. We will work together to create achievable goals that can include bolstering your skills and alleviating your stressors. Contact me today to begin living the life you want to lead.

Practice Areas


Your Schedule

scheduling an appointment with a therapist in white plains

Offering flexible hours to meet your needs.


Your Care

waiting room in therapy office for therapist in white plains

With specialized methods

tailored to your unique experiences.


Your Goals

Through practical goal setting we will work to achieve the personal growth you seek.

Practice Areas

Mental Health with you in mind


Mood & Anxiety

Struggling with depression or anxiety? Dr. Young can help provide support for these very common concerns.


Older Adult Concerns

Dr. Young has both clinical experience as well experience teaching graduate level courses to meet the needs of challenges unique to later life.


Phase of Life Transition

Recently experienced a life- changing event: Dr. Young is well-versed in providing the sort of specialized care to help ease this shift.


Communication Issues

It is very common for people to develop unhelpful habits that prevent them from fully communicating their needs. Dr. Young helps to assist those say what they mean, and mean what they say.


Relationship Issues

Both romantic as well as platonic and familial concerns are typically multi-faceted issues. Learn the skills to be better understood by your partner.


Existential Concerns

Sometimes anxiety can stem from wide spanning philosophical questions. Inquire to continue this dialogue.

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